Activity and services

UAB „Kempvila“ provides professional services for the production, maintenance and repair of individual campers. The company's employees perform all repairs and maintenance of the camper body and interior equipment. Also, taking into account the visions and wishes of our customers, we perform the transformation of transport, adaptation according to needs, works. We use only original parts and accessories for repairs. The accumulated experience allows us to eliminate the problems faced by our customers in a high-quality and efficient manner.

Campers production

In 2020 UAB “Kempvila” presents a camper according to the VW T6 - T6.1 basic model, which belongs to passenger cars class.

Camper service

All repair and maintenance works of the camper body and interior equipment are performed in our company's workshop.

Equipment installation

There is no equipment that we cannot install in your camper. If needed we also can buy and install various specialized equipment and accessories for caravans / trailers.

Transport conversion

Depending on the needs of our customers, we perform transport conversion works: mobile offices on wheels, medical offices, commercial vehicles, mounting a retractable roof, installation of additional sleeping places.

About our campers

UAB „Kempvila“ campers are distinguished by the fact that the bedroom on the second floor is heated. The projects combine innovative composite materials, technologies and natural wood interior details. Our goal is rational and convenient distribution of useful internal area and renewable energy sources usage, which determines your movement freedom.