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UAB “Kempvila” was established in 2003. At that time, we were one of the first in Lithuania to offer our customers a popular way of traveling around the world -and that is camping. Our small team consists of very dedicated and loving their work people. They are professional and highly experienced in the camping industry, enthusiastic and energetic employees.

The company provides professional services for the production, maintenance and repair of individual campers in accordance with the requirements and standards of camper manufacturers, we use only original parts and accessories for repairs. Throughout many years of providing camper repair services for various manufacturers we have always founded both disadvantages and advantages in their production. That’s why in 2017 we decided to create and release our own series of campers using our accumulated knowledge and experience. One of the most popular and reliable cars VW T6.T61 was chosen for our projects.

In 2018 began the production of our own line of campers. In our view, there are no insignificant solutions so each element received special attention. We use modern technologies such as 3D printing, CNC milling, laser cutting, vacuum forming, as well as modern, high-quality composite materials.

Now in 2020 UAB Kempvila presents completely new, fully completed and equipped campers - Cosmo Van and Cosmo X Van. These are new, comfortable, manoeuvrable, reliable and provocative multifunctional cars. With the Cosmo camper you can travel and explore the world, it's the perfect mobile home, mobile office and everyday car.

Together with the Cosmo van and Cosmo X van, we are introducing another new product - the camper configurator, with which we aim to give customers complete freedom in choosing additional equipment, colors and basic car features. Start configuring now!

Travel with our campers, feel the freedom and explore the world!

  • Dmitrij D.

    Production director (LT, RU)

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  • Ramunė A.

    Sales manager (LT)

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    Sales manager (EN)

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