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The KEMPVILA company introduces a new product - a camper according to the VW T6-T6.1 base model, which belongs to the light car class. In implementing this project, our goal was to create a comfortable, reliable, provocative good, maneuverable, multifunctional camper that would meet all the needs of the traveler. The camper has four full seating / sleeping areas and is also fully equipped with all the equipment typical for mobile home.

The car created by our company can be used not only as a holiday home on wheels, but also as a reliable car for everyday use or even a mobile office. The VW T6-T6.1 is different from other campers because with this camper you can enter city centres, narrow streets of the old town and other places of interest, which is not always possible with larger cars for tourism. Passenger cars are also subject to lower maintenance and travel costs. Particular attention was paid to safety when designing the car, and the installation of the car's internal elements gave priority to ergonomics, rational and intelligent use of useful space.

Innovative composite materials have been widely used in the car's interior, furniture frames made of aluminum profile by welding, a technology typical of the aerospace industry, which has an impact on reducing the weight of the structure and the durability ratio. Furniture facades are made of aluminum composite panel, which has a wide range of colors to choose from. When configuring the interior of your car, there is a possibility to choose from a wide range of colors, thus creating your own design shade.


- The kitchen segment has a built-in compressor 40 l. refrigerator, gas or induction cooker, sink, spacious sliding door cabinets;
- Cabinet segment integrated safe, outdoor shower, luggage compartments;
- Electrically efficient LED lamps with the possibility of dimming can be used to illuminate the living area;
- The sunroof-mounted solar photovoltaic module is designed to charge the living area battery, which allows the camper to be used in stand-alone mode for longer periods of time without being connected to an external power supply of 220 V;
- Water and sewage tanks are integrated in the furniture and have level sensors;
- The floors and walls are lined with 20 mm sound / thermal insulation, which has solved the problem of many campers - extraneous noise;
- Installed autonomous diesel 2 KW WEBASTO cabin heater with the function of supplying warm air to the second floor;
- Outdoor furniture transportation space is integrated into luggage door;
- All windows have night blinds;
- Mounting profile for outdoor gazebos installed.


Our further plans are to manufacture motorhomes according to the individual needs of the traveler, using the latest technology to create the highest level of safety and control.

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